What is SLW Centennial NJROTC?

SLW Centennial NJROTC
 For entering freshmen it offers an alternative to PE, and for all
students it offers many benefits to help them succeed in high 
school and beyond.  It provides every benefit of military training 
with absolutely no military obligation  We also suggest that 
you take a look at the testimonies from parents and cadets.  Our 
Naval Science program might just be the solution for which you 
and your student are looking.

ADJUSTMENT TO HIGH SCHOOL – a place to belong with 150+ instant friends and without cliques or drama.
INTEGRITY – cadets set high standards of conduct and honesty stressing strong moral development.
CHARACTER – the entire program is designed to build character.  Teachers and parents often comment
on the remarkable changes they observe in cadets.
SERVICE – cadets are expected to give back in the form of community and school service.
GRADES – cadets’ grades are monitored in all courses, and, when needed, cadets are provided extra 
training in study skills and/or one-on-one tutoring with other cadets.
LEADERSHIP – junior cadets learn leadership skills throughout the program and constantly observe 
senior cadets in leadership roles.  As they progress, they earn significant opportunities to apply and 
hone their own leadership skills in ever increasing leadership roles.
CONFIDENCE –  cadets gain confidence through “hands-on” application of skills they learn.  Their 
successes are noted and rewarded.
MOTIVATION – junior cadets are encouraged and motivated by senior cadets to set and achieve high 
DISCIPLINE – cadets are taught respect for authority and their fellow cadets.   In addition, they 
develop skills to properly handle the authority they attain.
CHALLENGE – the program itself is very challenging and cadets are encouraged to do their best in all 
they do.
ACADEMICS – cadets are taught Maritime History and Marine Sciences which enhance their other coursework.
TEAMS – opportunity to become a member of an elite team(s) – drill, color guard, rifle marksmanship, orienteering, physical fitness, and academic.  Participation is not mandatory.
FUN – yes fun!  Leadership Camp in July, US Navy ship tours, activities and events throughout 
the year, day trips, overnight trips,  the Annual Military Ball, and more to help make being a cadet a 
great experience.

To sign up, just send us an email at william.joslin@stlucieschools.org requesting to join NJROTC.

For more information, please contact us at 772-344-4470 or stop by and see us in person.

CDR Dan Joslin, USN (Ret)                                                GySgt Jose Rodriguez
Senior Naval Science Instructor                            Naval Science Instructor