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Black Talon Company Staff

Cadet Staff

c/CDR D. Robinson
c/LCDR R. Darnell
c/LT M. Parnass
Main Asst.- c/PO1 A. Babich
c/LT. D. Robinson
Main Asst.- c/CPO Gonalez
c/LT A. Wilson
Main Asst.- c/PO1 I. Santiago
Public Affairs (sub-department)
c/PO3 J. Clark
Main Asst.- c/Savoia
c/CDR D. Scafone
Main Asst.- c/PO1 J. Skowronski
Ordinance (sub-department)
c/CPO Moore
c/MCPO M. Morejon
MAA- c/ PO1 Ciolino

The Black Talon Company Staff, guided by the Senior Naval Science Instructor and Naval Science Instructor, create goals and direct the Black Talon Company in accomplishing those goals. Our staff is the heart and soul of the unit, and the time and effort they put in, is directly reflected in every day by the scene of absolute excellence that the unit shows. Our staff was hand picked by the CO and XO, they set the standards for all cadets and show what it is to truly lead. Their commitment to the unit is truly extraordinary, mostly using their own time that they could use being home and relaxing. Being part of staff is a very honorable and demanding task; the cadets in staff are trained to make sound and  timely decisions under pressure.