Physical Fitness Program

One of the major goals of the NJROTC Program is to instill within cadets an appreciation for the benefits of physical exercise and a desire to develop a personal physical fitness program to remain fit for life.   Toward that end cadets participate in physical fitness training one class period per week.  The class period will start with the Cadet Corps Daily 7 Exercises and proceed with an organized sports game/activity.  Once per quarter cadets will be provided an opportunity to participate in the Physical Fitness Test and earn awards for specific levels of achievement.

Physical Fitness Test

The NJROTC Program has adopted the President's Challenge as the basis for its Physical Fitness Test.  The following links provide more details on the President's Challenge Program. 

Activities List

The Physical Fitness Test includes five activities that measure muscular strength/endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility.  Prior to participating, every must have a current Health Risk Screening Form and Standard Release of file.  For more detailed information about each activity, select its link below:

Before getting started, instructors will make sure each student is healthy enough to participate. In fact, they will review each student’s medical status to identify medical, orthopedic, or other health issues that should be considered.

Cadets will be taught the correct techniques for all activities, including proper pacing and running style. There is no limit to the number of tries students may have on each activity.

Award Benchmarks

For cadets who takes the Physical Fitness Test, awards are presented for three fitness levels based on standards for each activity:

  • Presidential Physical Fitness Award and NJROTC PFT Ribbon with Gold Lamp — To earn these awards, cadets must score at or above the 85th percentile on all five activities for the first and four activities for the latter*.
  • National Physical Fitness Award and NJROTC PFT Ribbon with Silver Lamp — Cadets earn these awards by scoring above the 50th percentile on all five activities for the first and four activities for the latter*. 
  • NJROTC PFT Ribbon — Cadets earn this award for scoring above the 35th percentile in four of the five activities*.
       * The NJROTC PFT Ribbon does not require/include the Shuttle Run.

The charts below summarize the requirements for each award level: