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Unarmed Drill Team

Purpose of Drill
  • Teach discipline by instilling habits of precision and automatic response to orders.
  • Increase the confidence of cadets throught the exercise of command, by the giving of proper commands, and by the control of drilling troops.
  • To instill and maintain high standards of military bearing and appearance of units and in the individual cadet.
  • Every Tuesday and Friday at 1410-1600 in the main gym.
  • Muster is at 1350 before practice starts so we account for everyone to be there, please get there at 1350 to be on time.
Team COC



Contact Information

 Team CDR c/LT Darnell
 Team CPT c/PO1 Santiago
Phone: 772-985-7126
 Third Squad Leader     c/
 Second Squad Leader c/                
 First Squad Leader c/  
What to expect when being judged 
Judged Item  Description of Judged Item 
 Report In All movements to enter and verbal report-in to Head Judge 
 Report Out Verbal report-out and all movements to exit drill floor 
Cadet BEARING  Flair, style & game face - turns heads/ rivets watchers 
 Cadet APPEARANCE Uniform / overall cadet preparation & presentation 
Dress and Cover  Constant attention to alignment of performing cadets 
Floor/Cadet Involvement  Meaningful drill activity with all cadets occurring often 
Movement DIFFICULTY Routine as presented required MUCH PRACTICE!
 Movement PRECISION Exacting, teamwork and/or solo work – “anti-sloppy” 
Movement VARIETY  Diversity of movements to display overall excellence 
 SHOWMANSHIP Supreme effort, snap, and concentration in the routine 
 MILITARY FLAVOR Routine proudly befits a military JROTC competition 
Overall Impression  Overall Evaluation of the entire routine presentation